Hydraulic BreakersHydraulic Breaker Range

Wright Engineering rock breakers are designed and manufactured to a total quality control concept, from the selection of optimum quality raw materials through intensive research and development procedures, and rigorous testing policy. Each and every unit is also subject to simulated operational tests before receiving release authorisation from our fully automated "state of the art" factory.

But that's not all. Our after sales service coupled with unprecedented guarantees are sure to impress you still further. We offer a rapid response after sales service which is geared to achieving consistent customer satisfaction by ensuring that your "Wright" rock breaker is always available to meet your vital productivity targets.

Equally, we feel our comprehensive and unprecedented guarantee package; reinforce not only our confidence in the product, but also our total commitment to you, the customer.

Exceptional value for money coupled with the multitude of unique features and guarantees means that you the customer have the best of both worlds!

Hydraulic BreakerHydraulic BreakerHydraulic Breaker


Our confidence in the WB range has developed form over 16 years of experience with the same basic design of breaker with the only alterations being the advancement of box type low noise brackets. This means that our fully comprehensive parts range is suitable for breakers sold by us 16 years ago up to current models, and our breakers still out perform other leading manufacturers breakers now, as they did then.

Our engineers will be more than happy to discuss any special breaker applications you may have such as hot work, long reach or underwater, which have all been requested by our customers and supplied by us over the years.


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